Neatest ever: nine-year-old Caine's cardboard Arcade comes to Exploratorium on Sat/21


That pretty cool Caine's Arcade video basically ruled the Internet last week -- and can we just be happy that something not involving clumsy cats, Republican presidential candidates, or Twitter ignoramuses viralled its way into our national consciousness for once? Now you can have a chance to play the LA youngster's cardboard paradise-outsider art masterpiece IRL and meet its maker, as part of the Exploratorium's Open MAKE event. Full details after the jump.

From the press release:

Caine’s Arcade Featured at the Exploratorium’s Open MAKE on April 21

Nine-year-old Caine Monroy and his now-famous cardboard creation “Caine's Arcade” will be taking part in the Exploratorium’s Open MAKE: Trash on Saturday, April 21. The arcade will be installed in the Tinkering StudioTM at the Exploratorium. Visitors may visit the arcade and purchase a ticket or “FunPass” to play the games between 10am and 4pm.

Caine also will be featured with 5 other tinkerers at the “Meet the Makers” program at 1 p.m. toanswer questions from the general audience. Filmmaker Nirvan Mullick will present his short film
about Caine at 3pm and also available to answer questions.

Caine’s Arcade is part of this month’s Open MAKE: Trash, a collaboration between the Exploratorium, MAKE Magazine, and Pixar Animation Studios. The program highlights the tools, techniques, and ingenuity of local Makers. Visitors are invited to participate in tinkering and making activities at Open MAKE, where Makers from around the Bay Area will share their work.

Dale Dougherty, founder and editor of MAKE Magazine, will interview featured makers in the McBean Theater. This month’s Open MAKE: Trash is the last one at the Palace of Fine Arts and will
re-open at the museum’s new location at Pier 15 in Spring 2013.

About Caine’s Arcade:
Caine’s Arcade is a short film about a 9-year-old boy’s cardboard arcade, located in his father’s used auto parts store, Smart Parts Automotive in Boyle Heights, CA. Directed by Nirvan Mullick and produced by Interconnected, this film went viral with more than five million views after being posted on the Internet, resulting in more than $170,000 in donations to Caine’s scholarship fund in a single week. A $250,000 matching seed grant from the Goldhirsh Foundation has given birth to the Caine’s Arcade Foundation, which will find, foster and fund creativity and entrepreneurship in more young kids like Caine.

Special installation of “Caine’s Arcade” and film screening at Open MAKE: Trash

Saturday April 21, 2012
Caine’s Arcade will be open from 10 am-4pm.
1pm: “Meet the Makers” interview with Caine
3pm: Screening of “Caine’s Arcade” and Q&A with Caine and film director Nirvan Mullick

The San Francisco Exploratorium
The Palace of Fine Arts
3601 Lyon Street, SF.

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Amazing event! I got to meet Caine, Nirvan, George and everyone was so welcoming and thankful for all the support Caine's Arcade has received from the public. I tried one of the games and it wasn't easy! I purchased my Fun Pass(es) for me and my friends. Oh! I also bought his STAFF shirt and one of the new t-shirt design. His older brother was also there to help. I love Caine's Arcade! I'm still star-strucked meeting Caine, Nirvan and George. Such warm people! Go Caine's Arcade! Many success!

Posted by Ria on Apr. 21, 2012 @ 4:03 pm

Thanks for coming out to the Exploratorium and meeting Caine.

Posted by GuestKaren on Apr. 21, 2012 @ 6:24 pm

Aw man, I can't believe I found out about this one day too late! I just watched the film about it and it made me cry! Now I want to cry because I missed it.

Posted by Guest on Apr. 22, 2012 @ 12:02 pm

Thanks the to filmmaker who dedicated so much time to bringing the world this wonderful and creative boy last week. It was such a touching story.

Posted by Guest edvin on Apr. 22, 2012 @ 3:27 pm

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