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Very early, conservative counties no on 30, yes on 32


There's a scattering of early returns, mostly from conservative Central Valley counties, and they should everything bad happening -- Prop. 30 failing, Prop. 32 winning, Prop. 34 and 37 losing .... but LA isn't in, the Bay Area isn't in, and none of this means much. Except: Prop. 36, the repeal of three-strikes, is going to win overwhelmingly. It looks like Prop. 39, ending a billion-dollar tax loophole, is going to win handily. And the attempt by Mercury Insurance once again to rewrite the state's car-insurance laws is going down to defeat.Read more »

Now let's worry about California


As expected, Obama is headed for victory. Elizabeth Warren has won in MA, the tea-party rape-nut lost in Indiana, the House will stay (more narrowly) Republican, the Senate Democratic.

It looks like marriage equality is winning in every state where it's on the ballot.

So now I can start to worry about Prop. 30 and the future of California, and Districts 1and 5 and the future of San Francisco.



What's happening tonight


According to the SF Department of Elections, the first results -- including just the absentees received before Election Day -- will be posted here at about 8:45. That will include a preliminary ranked-choice voting run, which won't be conclusive but will give people a sense of where the races are headed.

We'll be posting regular updates on this blog through the evening, trying to make sense of the numbers and reporting from the various Election Night events. Join us for the latest news and analysis.Read more »

Vote early and often


The most expensive, ugliest, longest and most money-dominated election in my memory is finally winding down, and unless something really weird happens, Obama's going to win another term. It's likely the Democrats will control the Senate and the GOP will retain a narrow edge in the house, meaning four more years of gridlock (and possibly the end of Rep. Nancy Pelosi's career).Read more »

Elsewhere on election night, cannabis could get fired up


What's on the California ballot this year that pot activists should be stoked on? Absolutely nothing! (Unless you're interested in eliminating the death penalty, labeling Frankenfoods, and saving City College of course -- in which case check out our smart phone-viewable SFBG election guide)

But there's a lot going on in other states. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition has a list of ballot measures across the country that, if passed, will improve access to cannabis. The site will also be offering live coverage of how the propositions are lookin'. And so will we, so check back here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Read more »

Follow the election night parties and results with SFBG


Happy election day! Yes, the barrage of political propaganda will soon give way to celebrations, concessions, ruminations, and spin, spin, spin. As always, the Guardian will be on the beat delivering live election coverage through this site and our SFBG Twitter feed, so follow along and weigh in with your comments. Or if you want to join us at the election night parties, come on out. Here's the list we've compiled, which we'll be updating throughout the day:

Read more »

Who's really behind the No on Prop. 30 ads?


The Fair Political Practices Commission released a bit of information about who just dumped $11 million into the No and 30 and Yes on 32 campaigns, and on the surface, the disclosure doesn't tell much except that secretive PAC money moves around in tight circles. The head of the FPPC, Ann Ravel, called it "money laundering," which sounds like a fairly accurate description. Read more »

So-called DV group doing PG&E's dirty work


Any pretense that the group called San Francisco Women for for Responsibility and an Accountable Supervisor is anything more than a downtown sham vanished with the arrival in District 5 mailboxes Nov. 3 of a mailer attacking Sup. Christina Olague for supporting public power.

The mailer uses pictures of Olague and Julian Davis -- and that alone is a not-so-subtle attack on Olague. Davis has lost all credibility in the race, thanks to a string of allegations that he groped women.Read more »

The billionaire attack on D5


The attack on Sup. Christina Olague, funded by a couple of right-wing billionaires, is in full swing in District 5, with mailers, robocalls, a social-media buy and even TV ads. It’s a disgraceful effort to buy an election in the final week, a flood of sleaze that’s outrageous even by modern political standards.Read more »

Record-breaking spending floods District 1 with political propaganda


District 1 supervisorial candidate David Lee and independent expenditure campaigns supporting him have spent nearly $800,000 – shattering previous spending records for a district election – bombarding Richmond District voters with a barrage of mailers and other media pushing a variety of claims and criticisms about incumbent Sup. Eric Mar that sometimes stretch credulity and relevance.Read more »