District attorney distances self from anti-cannabis memo, 'unequivocally supports medical marijuana'

The "mega-myth" detailed in recent brief from the D.A.'s office was a mega-myth.

Don't believe everything you read, especially when it comes out of the District Attorney's office. D.A. George Gascon's press representative Stephanie Ong Stillman says a memo covered in this week's Herbwise column circulated earlier this month outlining the "continued illegality of selling marijuana" -- even in state regulated cannabis dispensaries -- was sent out without Gascon's knowledge and "does not represent his views on medical marijuana."

"He unequivocally supports medical marijuana," Stillman told the Guardian on the phone this afternoon. "Prosecuting illegal marijuana sales is not a priority."

This is -- unequivocally -- good news for San Francisco's medical cannabis patients. The memo (signed by assistant district attorney John Ullom) stated that cannabis dispensaries were acting under protection of state law were perpetrating "a marijuana mega-myth." According to the East Bay Express, it was released in response to indignation expressed by an unnamed dispensary's deliveryperson was apprehended by law enforcement. 

But Stillman says the brief was written over three years ago, before Gascon was elected to office. Calling it "a template brief," she says it's not the first time the memo has been circulated in response to legal questions about cannabis -- but that it has not been since Gascon has been in office, and will not be used again under his administration. 

But what of today's headline of the SF Examiner, a quote presumably attributed to Gascon reading "all sales of marijuana are illegal"? 

"It's a misquote," says Stillman. "They're going to print a correction."

UPDATE: The Guardian just recieved a call from Gascon himself, who confirmed Stillman's comments, saying "I've already taken steps to make sure that this will not happen again." Can we just say we're pleased as punch that he's upholding the values that he shared with us in his Guardian endorsement interview last September?

UPDATE: Although felony charges against the deliveryperson who was initially apprehended have not been dropped, Gascon's office has filed for a two-week continuance.


The most recent scientific research on the unique components of marijuana, phytocannabinoids, supplement the activity of our bodies' own endocannabinoids which prevent disease processes and trigger biological repair mechanisms. Gascon and all law enforcement officials, and politicians need to read the book "Marijuana Gateway to Health" to get caught up on the science of marijuana.

Posted by Guest Clint on Mar. 29, 2012 @ 9:01 am

You'd have thought, given the popularity in this town of medical marijuana, that the Examiner would at least have made an effort to verify Gascon's position. Or is this a shot across the bow on Melinda Haag's behalf?

Posted by Peter on Mar. 29, 2012 @ 1:01 pm

Gascon would have to speak to his lawyer if he really made conflicting remarks about his stand on medical marijuana, and whether he himself went back on his words. Though the miscommunication has seemingly been clear, the stand on medical marijuana throughout the country hasn't been so clear cut. I just hope nothing like this ever happens again.

Posted by S Austen on Jun. 13, 2012 @ 11:53 pm

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