Mayor Lee, Sharp Park, and Gavin Newsom


So Ed Lee's going to veto the Board of Supervisors resolution on Sharp Park. Of course he is. And there's more than snakes and frogs at issue here.

The veto, I think, sets the tone for what we're going to see over the next four years, which is: Gavin Newsom.

For four years, the progressive bloc on the board -- that is, the shaky sometimes-majority that can pull together six votes on an issue -- is going to run slam into a mayoral veto a good deal of the time.

In this case, John Avalos, David Campos, David Chiu, Jane Kim, Eric Mar and Ross Mirkarimi -- that's the list of the six -- all supported a plan to negotiate with the National Park Service to take over the property, which would probably mean the end of the golf course. It's an environmental issue, mostly, and also a public-resource issue -- but the main thing is that it's an issue that split the board along the left-center/right lines that we'll see again and again over Lee's term. And Lee is siding with the right.

That's what we came to expect from Newsom -- every progressive initiative was a struggle; often, bill sponsors had to line up eight votes, not six, because there was always the threat that Newsom would shoot it down. And I'm getting the feeling that we'll be facing the same thing with Mayor Lee.