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10 years of yummy walrus -- at 50% off


By Juliette Tang

Just in time for these hard times ...

Happy 10-Year Anniversary to Upper Playground! Of all the stores with cute little walrus mascots in the Lower Haight that sell printed t-shirts, Upper Playground is my favorite. Read more »

The best dressed girl in SF?


By Juliette Tang


Who's the best dressed girl in San Francisco? Read more »

Golden wats and fried moss: photos from Laos


Guardian photog Ariel Soto travelled to Thailand and Laos over the holidays -- here's her pictorial impressions. Read more »

Local Artist of the Week: 'hallucinatory memory'




TITLE Pigna (60" x 48", oil on canvas)

STORY This is part of a series based on a hallucinatory memory LeDoux imagined during his childhood. He recounted seeing a fountain in the thick Louisiana forests. Read more »

The Blender: What we've been eating


Sunshine and comfort this week on the Guardian menu:


(1) Latkes for Obama

(2) Dark and stormies, Easy Lounge, Oakl.

(3) Wildwood organic soy yogurt

(4) Oxtail terrine, Acme Chophouse, SF

(5) Abalone nigiri, Eiji, SF

The Mix: What we've been up to


Guardian staff took it off and played this week:


1) January sunbathing

(2) Umberto D.

(3) Camel, Moonmadness (Decca, 1976)

(4) Les Yeux Noirs playing "Lluba" at Yoshi's San Francisco

(5) Early Man, Slim's

Kudos to "A Burning Opera"


By Steven T. Jones, aka Scribe

A couple months ago, when I heard first about “A Burning Opera: How to Survive the Apocalypse,” I rolled my eyes. Burning Man has inspired some very good and very bad art and for some reason I assumed that a musical telling the story of the event would hew toward the latter category.


Boy, was I wrong! Read more »

It's hard to be a man


By Jesse Hawthorne Ficks

Midnites for Maniacs programmer Ficks is in Utah checking out the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.
Read more »

Obama's hat trick -- The Bad Boy? The Shark Life?


Well, yeah, it's that inauguration thingy coming up, and the world is awash in the fabulous commercialization of it. Read more »

Frantic fish on a stick: Bangkok pics


Bay Guardian photog Ariel Soto just got back from Asia -- with some fab snaps, of course. We're presenting her travel essay in three parts throughout the next week. First up: touching down in Bangkok.

Golden Buddhas

Lobster claws at a restaurant

I have major wanderlust. Take-off on an airplane gives me a high. Read more »