Next level: this weekend's SF Youth Arts Summit takes SOMArts


San Francisco’s next great designer, sculptor, or filmmaker could possibly be in attendance this Sat/8 at the second annual San Francisco Youth Arts Summit taking place at SOMArts Cultural Center.Read more »

Free Muni for youth a rare progressive victory


The left isn't winning all that much these days, but Sup. David Campos had a huge victory with the passage of a plan to offer free Muni to some 40,000 low-income kids. The challenges aren't over -- it's still not clear, for example, how the actual clipper cards will be distributed -- but this is a big step forward.

And it didn't come easily. Campos worked with a coalition of low-income advocates that refused to give up despite two years of setbacks.Read more »

Undocumented youth hold 'graduation' at Civic Center


"I'm undocumented and unafraid, queer and unashamed!" Javier Hernandez declared as he took the stage in front of City Hall June 30.

He was one of hundreds of undocumented students from across the western United States who showed up in Civic Center Plaza to celebrate undocumented immigrant youth and students.Read more »

Poverty Scholars Unite


This post has been updated. RYME orientation is July 3, not June 27.

July 3 will begin another session of Poor Magazine’s revolutionary youth media education program, or RYME.

Poor Magazine was founded in 1996 as a way to bring together poor people to produce media, teach and learn, and create community. From their space in the Mission, they have launched the printed Poor Magazine, Poor News Network TV and Poor Radio, published dozens of books at Poor Press, and hold programming throughout the year.Read more »

Ladies and gentleman, the Bay's youth spoken word team (and where you can see them spit)


Hey you, over-20 person. Do you ever wonder what what on the minds of today's teens? The answers are heavy, and they soar from the mouths of spoken word poets -- especially those of the recently-announced team that will be representing the Bay Area at this year's Brave New Voices international slam on July 21. Care to meet them? Read more »

Free Muni for kids: Tough slog at the MTC


There are plenty of reasons I like the David Campos free Muni for youth plan. Anything that gets the next generation used to seeing Muni as the primary form of transportation in town is a good idea. It's a great benefit for low-income kids (and around SF these days, the only ones who we're giving any benefits to are businesses that get tax breaks, and those breaks are worth far more than the modest cost of the Campos plan). Read more »

Why free Muni for youth makes sense


Supervisor Scott Wiener has gone out of his way to dis the plan to let kids ride Muni for free. His oped in the Chron April 9 argued that the city just doesn't have the money ($8 million):Read more »

Guest opinion: Free Muni for all youth


On Tuesday, April 3, the Municipal Transportation Agency board faces a decision between providing free Muni passes for all San Francisco youth or providing free passes to only low-income youth. ComMunity advocates and Sup. David Campos have identified the funding. We are calling on the MTA board to take this opportunity to invest in a new generation of transit riders by establishing free Muni for ALL youth.Read more »

Spike salute: Showing love for Mission High volleyball team


When head coach Geraldine Poon and assistant coach Kris Thomas got involved with Mission High School’s volleyball program two years ago, their goal was to significantly improve the team’s attitude on the court and in the classroom. They did. 

The young women on the team made such strides on and off the court, in fact, that Thomas got in touch with the Guardian to ask if we could show them some love. We would love to! Read more »

DREAM Act would reduce deficit, strengthen military...and perhaps save the world


Last December, when the DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Act came up five votes short in the Senate, advocates began to worry that this seemingly modest piece of immigration reform, which offers a pathway to citizenship for undocumented youth who do well in college and/or serve in the military would not be able to get the necessary votes, even with Barack Obama as President. Rahm Emanuel, who served as Obama’s Chief of Staff up until last October, was reportedly criticized by some for allegedly not doing enough to support immigration reform. And frustration was high, as the community was forced to petition U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) each and every time they heard that a well-performing student, with no criminal record, like Steve Li or Mandeep was about to be sent to a country that they barely knew--taking their education and knowledge of the United States with them.

But six months later, the DREAMers (undocumented students who want to serve their adopted country) are refusing to take “no” for an answer. (In December, Steve Li won a reprieve, and last week ICE decided not to deport Mandeep, who was voted in high school as "most likely to save the world." ) And now Emanuel, who was sworn in as Chicago’s mayor in May, is raising his voice in support of the DREAM Act, which Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), who has been fighting for immigration reform for more than a decade, is sponsoring. And they are hoping to turn the tide and get Republicans to vote for legislation they say will reduce the deficit, build up the military and perhaps, by not deporting young U.S. trained geniuses, even save the world. Read more »