Trou Normand

Lotsa Matzoh

TABLEHOPPING Even more places open for brunch and lunch, plus Passover and Easter options!



Just when you think the brunch at Slow Club (2501 Mariposa, SF. couldn't possibly rock any more than it already does, the perennial hotspot makes the move to offer it all week long. Really? For reals! You can have a fried egg sandwich for lunch, and you don't have to wait until the weekend for bourbon French toast. Available Mon–Fri 11:30am–2:30pm, and of course Sat–Sun 10am–2:30pm.Read more »

Where to eat right now

Bacon Twix, rabbit curry, spicy panuozzo, avocado tacos: the hottest new spots in the city (that won't break your bank)


TABLEHOPPING If we were finance people, we'd say Q1 of 2014 was a hella strong start to the year. But since we're food people, we're just going to hook you up with our version of a PowerPoint slideshow of all the latest openings, hot spots, and new dish faves. Please, leave your Google Glass at home, turn off your iPhone flash when taking food pics for Instagram, and just dig in.

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Spammy fries for all!

TABLEHOPPING: A trio of restaurant openings — Calvados, cheese cones, and craft beer, represent! — plus a new spot for loco moco, Spammy fries, and poke bowls.



Some interesting openings this week, starting with Trou Normand (140 New Montgomery, SF., inside the historic Pacific Telephone Building in SoMa. It's from Thad Vogler of Bar Agricole, so yeah, there will be awesome booze there. And good ice. Cocktails include Armagnac, Cognac, and Calvados. (Be prepared to throw back a traditional shot of Calvados, a French brandy, in preparation for or during a big meal to "make room" with "a Norman hole" — hence the name, Trou Normand).Read more »