March for women's rights this Sunday


As the war on women rages on, Defend Women's Rights marches will fight back Sunday.Read more »

Pussy Riot found guilty, local and global protests today


Today, three members of the Russian activist punk band Pussy Riot were sentenced to two years in prison for “hooliganism” stemming from an incident in February, when the trio performed its anti-Putin “Punk Prayer” inside a Russian Orthodox cathedral

Following the verdict, there will be global protests today including one at the Russian Consulate in San Francisco at 3pm and at Justin Herman Plaza at 6:30pm. Read more »

Bay Area activists join in anger over Anaheim police shootings


Last weekend in Anaheim, police shot and killed two young men. Every day since, protesters have taken to the streets. This weekend, a national day of protest following the killings helped spread the call for justice in Anaheim spread to the Bay Area. Read more »

President or no president, medical marijuana shows up in Oakland


So the President was late. Around the time the "Fire Melinda Haag" press conference (as it had been called in emails I'd received from the various cannabis advocacy groups) at downtown Oakland's federally-threatened Oaksterdam University was starting, one attendee drily mentioned that Obama was reported to still be in Las Vegas.

"I mean, I know the private jets can get you places really quickly and all, but still."

It didn't matter -- medical marijuana had assembled in Oakland, the world cannabis community was watching, and there was going to be a show of numbers, regardless of what Air Force One was doing or when the President's scheduled appearance at the Fox Theater a block away would actually get going. Read more »

Pride in the archives: Guardian LGBT images from the past


While moving the Guardian offices, I came across a large folder marked: GAY. Inside were dozens of queer-related Guardian photos, including the above, documenting four decades of Pride. Craziness! Had to share. Happy Pride, y'all.   

On eve of May Day, Valencia, Mission Police Station vandalized


A group of protesters left a trail of broken glass and paint tonight as they made their way from Dolores Park to Duboce on Valencia. Windows were broken, garbage cans overturned, paint bombs thrown, and messages saying “yuppies go home” as well as anarchist symbols were spray-painted on several restaurants, art galleries and cafes.

The façade of the police station on Mission and 17th was vandalized and broken.

A gathering at Dolores Park was advertised as a “a ruckus street party to counter gentrification, capitalism, and the policing of our communities.” About 200 attended, and chatted about their plans for the following day's May Day activities while music played.

Shortly after 9pm, the group left the park and began to march on Dolores. Some overturned recycling bins and vandalized the windows at Farina restaurant minutes after turning the corner on 18th St, while others held back.

Read more »

Parents in San Francisco: we want justice for Trayvon Martin


"If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon," President Obama reflected today. In the wake of Trayvon Martin's death, said Obama, “I can only imagine what these parents are going through.”Read more »

Join vets at City Hall today to mark nine years in Iraq


Lest we forget, today marks the ninth anniversary of the start of our war in Iraq. If you plan on passing by City Hall today, you'll have a vivid reminder of today's important milestone -- 481 pairs of combat boots will be lined up on the seat of our city government's steps, a visual precursor to the afternoon of speeches by vets and their families that has been organized by the Bay Area chapter of Iraq Veterans Against the War. Read more »

Sisters unite: Hyatt workers picket on International Women's Day


About 80 protesters from a coalition of women workers yesterday staged a peaceful protest demanding that Hyatt reinstate two workers, Martha and Lorena Reyes, who were fired in October. Read more »

From bhangra to Brazilian horns: Celebrate International Women's Day at Yoshi's


International Women’s Day has been around to raise consciousness and support women’s rights since the early 1900s, and this year the party happens Thu/8. Tomorrow morning, people across the Bay Area will be rising up to join women-led demonstrations like Women Occupy and Rally Against Sex Discrimination and Sex Harassment to show our support for the XX-chromosoned all around the world. But after the daytime marches and the protests, Yoshi’s San Francisco Jazz Club invites us all to end the night at International Women’s Day’s official after party — an evening of notable speakers and intimate performances benefiting two upcoming events, Earth Day and Peace Day. Read more »