Kevin Epps

Forum tonight cancelled after Mayor's 'no stop and frisk' announcement


A community forum to discuss stop and frisk tonight has been cancelled, in the wake of Mayor Lee's announcement yesterday that he would not be implementing the controversial policy.

“We will not be implementing the stop and frisk program, or variations of that, in San Francisco,” Lee said at a press conference yesterday that was well-attended by neighbors, faith leaders and other interested parties.Read more »

Back to the Point

Kevin Epps updates his seminal 2001 documentary hit with Straight Outta Hunters Point 2


FILM "It's highly probable that no one but Kevin Epps could have made a film like Straight Outta Hunters Point," begins Erik K. Arnold's 2001 Guardian article. Epps, then a 33-year-old first-time filmmaker, had just released his bold documentary; it investigated a neighborhood that most San Francisco residents never actually visited, but knew about thanks to news coverage of its prodigious gang violence.Read more »