George Gascon

Gascon skips valuable reform panel


District Attorney George Gascon didn't show up for the town hall meeting that Sen. Mark Leno held on criminal justice reform last night. Gascon was scheduled to appear on a panel with Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, Chief Probation Officer Wendy Still, Public Defender Jeff Adachi, and Police Chief Greg Suhr (who also didn't show, sending Commander John Murphy instead).Read more »

Gascón's challenge to Mirkarimi belies his own official shortcomings


The backlash against Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi's reinstatement by those who oppose him has often been biting and bitter – an indicator that coming together around real solutions to domestic violence, something most supervisors pledged, could still be difficult – but t Read more »

District attorney distances self from anti-cannabis memo, 'unequivocally supports medical marijuana'


Don't believe everything you read, especially when it comes out of the District Attorney's office. D.A. George Gascon's press representative Stephanie Ong Stillman says a memo covered in this week's Herbwise column circulated earlier this month outlining the "continued illegality of selling marijuana" -- even in state regulated cannabis dispensaries -- was sent out without Gascon's knowledge and "does not represent his views on medical marijuana."

"He unequivocally supports medical marijuana," Stillman told the Guardian on the phone this afternoon. "Prosecuting illegal marijuana sales is not a priority." Read more »

Two incidents

On what the hell happened with SF medical marijuana last week


UPDATE: The District Attorney's office has retracted the memo detailed in this article, and told the Guardian that D.A. George Gascon "unequivocally supports medical marijuana." Full story hereRead more »

Jeff Adachi on Gascon and Mirkarimi


Jeff Adachi, the public defender, who has been trying criminal cases for a quarter century, had some interesting comments on District Attorney George Gascon's latest move:Read more »

Gascon and mayoral corruption

Glaring irregularites in Ed Lee's mayoral campaign should be investigated


EDITORIAL The indictments of two executives of an airport shuttle company on charges of laundering campaign money are, in themselves, a rarity and something to celebrate: the district attorney of San Francisco is actually attempting to enforce the laws against political corruption. That's unusual in this city, and worthy of note.Read more »

Is SF's DA investigating Rose Pak?


Well, Ms. Pak thinks he is. At the Chinese New Year parade, where she wields the mic at the reviewing stand and typically makes nasty comments about local politicians, she was relatively muted this year -- except when D.A. George Gascon rode by. "I read in the blogs that you're still investigating me," she shouted. "What the hell did I do? I just elected the first Chinese American mayor. You will find nothing, except that I swear a lot."Read more »

Two words Ed Lee doesn't want to hear


There are two words no candidate wants to hear a month before Election Day:

"Criminal investigation."

I give District Attorney George Gascon credit -- I didn't think he'd ever really go after municipal corruption, but he's showing at least a bit of political spine here, launching an investigation into the dubious campaign contributions of Ed Lee. Lee's campaign immediately said there would be full cooperation:Read more »