Rebecca Bowe

Capitalizing on the Auld Mug

Lawsuit alleges America's Cup organizers unfairly rejected African American sailing team and breached trustee duties by self-dealing


The latest America's Cup controversy arose with a complaint filed in state court in New York City on Dec. 12, alleging that the Golden Gate Yacht Club (GGYC), defender of the coveted sailing trophy and orchestrator of the prestigious international regatta in San Francisco, unfairly rejected an African American sailing team's bid to compete as a defender candidate.Read more »

12 arrested in raid of occupied Oakland home


There were 12 arrests in West Oakland today, Dec. 29, after police raided a foreclosed home on 10th Street that Occupy Oakland activists had taken over to use as housing for the homeless and meeting space, according to a press release just issued by Causa Justa :: Just Cause, a housing and immigrant rights organization based in Oakland and S.F.

Here's a link to live footage shot earlier today:

Organizers are asking supporters to contact the Oakland Police Department and demand the release of those in custody, the press release noted. Read more »


The revolution will not be powered by smartphones (but these apps might help it along)


The year 2011, marked by mass uprisings in the Arab world followed by the wildfire-like Occupy Wall Street movement, also brought a handful of incidents that inspired mobile application developers to invent new tools for protesters taking to the streets.

There was the time Sam Zimmerman, a media producer in New York City, received a series of frantic texts from his girlfriend, who was getting arrested and wrapped up in orange mesh by New York Police Department officers along with a crowd of demonstrators at an Occupy Wall Street protest.Read more »

Are we green yet?

San Francisco's ambitious clean-power program moves toward approval


A contract agreement for San Francisco's innovative clean energy program, CleanPowerSF, could be approved by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors as soon as January, representing a major milestone for efforts to put the city in the retail electricity business.Read more »

Plugging the flow

Occupy blocks ports spanning the West Coast

When significant events related to the Occupy movement occur in the pre-dawn hours, it usually means a protest encampment has been raided. But on Dec. 12, Occupy protesters were the ones carrying out a strategic plan before sun up.

Activists organized by OccupyOakland effectively blocked cargo shipments from moving through several Port of Oakland terminals that day, as part of a coordinated West Coast Port Blockade that featured similar actions in other cities including San Diego, Portland, Seattle, and Longview, Washington.Read more »

The Chronicle's coverage of Occupy


I couldn't help but notice that the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle today juxtaposed this lead news photo and article about yesterday's Port of Oakland shutdown with the following headline: "Blacks don't feel drawn to white-led movement."

San Francisco's paper of record was referring to Occupy Oakland, which led several marches to shut down operations at the port Dec. 12 and claimed victory after accomplishing just what protest organizers had set out to do.Read more »

Occupy shuts down morning shift at Port of Oakland


Usually, when significant events related to the Occupy movement occur in the pre-dawn hours, it means an encampment has been raided. But this morning, Occupy protesters were the ones carrying out a strategic plan before the sun came up. Read more »

ILWU attitudes toward port blockade aren't so simple


The Chronicle's Andrew Ross describes Occupy organizers as "brilliant" in a sarcastic tone for vowing to move ahead with the Dec. 12 West Coast port blockade, despite public statements from the longshore union's president criticizing the plan. But Ross' article misses the mark, and seems to ignore alliances that have been forged between various sectors of labor and the Occupy movement in recent months. Read more »

Occupy SF plans rallies in response to police raid


Occupy San Francisco protesters are calling for emergency rallies at noon outside 101 Market Street and 6 p.m. at Justin Herman Plaza in response to an early morning police raid carried out today, Dec. 7, which cleared the entire encampment. Read more »

Bank of America frets about Occupy


An internal Bank of America email has surfaced, making it clear that the megabank is concerned about the national day of action against evictions and foreclosures being carried out today, Dec. 6, by the Occupy Wall Street movement. The leaked internal memo suggests BofA is taking Occupy housing actions very seriously.

According to the email, which was sent to BofA's third-party Field Services suppliers, the nationwide protests "could impact our industry." Read more »