Drought legislation would undermine endangered species protection - Page 2


Hardship due to the drought hasn't been caused by the Endangered Species Act or the small amounts of water that go to Central Valley wildlife refuges. It's been caused by an inadequate water infrastructure, decades of poor management worsened by California's byzantine water laws and policies, and, of course, Mother Nature herself.

The smarter way forward is for the House to adopt Feinstein's bill without playing political games with the Endangered Species Act, Central Valley wildlife refuges, or the San Joaquin River restoration.

The House's version of drought legislation will only divide the various interests in the Central Valley, pitting one beneficial use against another, at a time when we need unity and sound, sustainable policy.

We hope that Feinstein will hold firm against that House resolution's supporters.

Mike Lynes is the Public Policy Director for Audubon California